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This list is far from being complete, accurate or up-to-date. Please also see the git log itself for authors and committers and the Github statistics at:

Project Lead / Maintainer History:

  • From August 2019 onwards the main driver for the project is Eric L. supported by Seravo.

  • Sol1 has officially taken over stewardship of rdiff-backup from February 2016.

  • Edward Ned Harvey, maintainer 2012 to 2016

  • Andrew Ferguson, maintainer 2008 to 2012

  • Dean Gaudet, maintainer 2006 to 2007

  • Ben Escoto, original author, maintainer 2001 to 2005.

Other code contributors have been:

  • Daniel Hazelbaker, who contributed Mac OS X resource fork support. (July 2003)

  • Dean Gaudet, for checking in many patches, and for finding and fixing many bugs.

  • Andrew Ferguson, for improving Mac OS X support and fixing many user-reported bugs.

  • Josh Nisly, for contributing native Windows support. (June 2008)

  • Fred Gansevles, for contributing Windows ACLs support. (July 2008)

Thanks also to:

  • The Free Software Foundation, for previously hosting the rdiff-backup project via their Savannah system.

  • Andrew Tridgell and Martin Pool for writing rdiff, and also for rsync, which gave Ben Escoto the idea.

  • Martin Pool and Donovan Baarda for their work on librsync, which rdiff-backup needs.

  • Michael Friedlander for initially acting interested in the idea and giving me accounts for testing.

  • Lots of people on the mailing list for their helpful comments, advice, and patches, particularly Alberto Accomazzi, Donovan Baarda, Jeb Campbell, Greg Freemyer, Jamie Heilman, Marc Dyksterhouse, and Ralph Lehmann.